Here’s our homework from last week:

Longtone Warmup:
Register Switch Exercise (on paper). Make sure to use full breaths on each set of notes and listen deeply to the sound.

G major scale, 2 octaves. Try to keep the top few notes (D up to G) in tune; you have a tendency to go flat. Think about maintaining the witch chin, supporting that higher register well.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. You pretty much have all the notes and note switches; now you can focus on playing it musically! Try to keep consistant tempo and imagine ‘singing’ the lyrics as you play.

Continue from last week:

Technique: #12 and #14 in Galper Book
Repertoire: #15 in Galper


Take a listen to:

Count Basie Orchestra – listen to how deeply they swing! This is the type of articulation and time feel we want to imitate.
by John Coltrane Quartet – this contains the melody used in Groove Blues.

Longtones (continue alternating these exercises):
1. Voicing exercise, adding overtone matching between first and second overtones.
2. Opposite octave exercise: add your octave key to F, but keep it from jumping up the octave by opening your throat (like a yawn) and relaxing the muscles in your embouchure. It might help to take a little more mouthpiece in your mouth than usual. Once you get it on the F, repeat on E, D, C, Bb, then G, A, B, C.

Continue chromatic scale – 70 bpm. This week, start on your high F and go down, then up. Try practicing the palm key area half-time.
Ab major – one octave with swing articulation, 80 bpm to the half note.

Continue Take Five.
Continue Groove Blues from the Snidero Book with a metronome. This week, aim to play along with him, imitating his articulation. Approach it one chorus at a time, from the easier ones to the harder ones.
Begin learning Amen, but listen to the recording first.

Take care, and see you next week!



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