Another great day for lesson day where musical understanding and awareness was increased for all three of you!  Great job!


Your concentration/focus while playing is getting much better, but you still have a ways to go.  Remember to COUNT — while moving to the rhythm — the time signature’s full length before coming in on the first beat (eg. if 4/4 time, count/move to ‘1-2-3-4’ before starting the piece on the 1st count).


LYRICAL vs. RHYTHMIC!!  This is how one can divide the nature of all musical pieces into, or a combination thereof.  But, even when the song is mostly lyrical, you should still be MOVING to the rhythmic pulse underneath that melodic flow.  All music has both elements to one degree or another.  You’re doing great, dear.


We play music with our ENTIRE body, or another way of saying it, we play with our WHOLE BEING — mind, body AND emotions.  You’re doing extremely well in every way, but your emotional connection to what you are playing, the sound you are creating with each stroke of a key could be greater.  If you dare to explore your emotional connection and VULNERABILITY, you will open a whole new musical world for yourself and those who listen to you!!!