Dear Tai,

Theme by Haydn – G position, watch for the fingering changes, play each hand a few times, then try hands together.

Fur Elise – memorize E octaves, keep repeating to gain speed.

Sword dance – review, D minor- remember B flat.

C major triads (hold broken chords)

C major scale HT, one octave


(practice 15 – 20 min a day)


Dear Carmen,

  • say the names of the notes as you play them
  • remember the difference between the Middle C position and C position (left hand on c d e f g notes)

Theme from new world symphony

Mary had a little lamb (middle C position – thumbs on C)


(practice at least 10 minutes a day)


Dear Ian,

Keep reviewing previous lessons:

Sea divers


That’s a forth

Let’s have fun

Love somebody


(make sure to use correct fingering, remember your time values)


(practice 15 – 20 minutes a day)


Dear Miles,

Work on C position notes, remember correct fingering

C major scale

C major triads

Mission Impossible (keep memorizing)


(practice 15 minutes a day)


Dear Nathalia,

Keep working on reviewing C major position songs:

March on

Roaming lions

Sleepy John

Run mouse run

Pop goes the weasel


C major scale (play each hand separately, then try hands together)


(practice 10 – 15 minutes a day)