How wonderful to meet you!  I am so glad you were able to sing two songs for me yesterday.  I hope one day you will teach me the italian one about the animals. Remember the story we told about the thunder and rain?  I think it would be lovely if you told a story like that for me next time.  The piano can be so expressive don’t you think!  Practice finding different notes on the piano. We will do more of this soon.  I am looking forward to working with you.

Good songs girl!  I like that one about Ernie missing Bert.   Remember to look at the song from Oliver in your book.   I’d Do Anything – from Oliver here is a link for you to listen to it. Remember to do some singing every day, but when you do, be very gentle. See you soon!

I hope you are hearing your voice develop as much as I am. I know that a lot of it is about feeling changes maybe before hearing them.  You’re doing very very well.  Work gently with the buzzing tones.  Even if it’s only a few minutes every day.  Do this especially with your higher nights.  Your lower notes are very present and strong and I know you can strengthen your upper register too.  Keep working on the Edelweiss tune.  I promise we will give lots of attention to it next time.  Have a great week lady!

I’m so impressed with your learning the JSSS song so quickly. I’m so very happy that you like the tune. It suits you well and really shows your voice off. Work on learning all the verses and remember repetition is your friend.  Keep singing it over and over until you don’t need to look at the words or music.  Listen to the CD in your book and find a new tune you like. Remind me that I want to work on sol-fa with you next week.  I’ll explain what it is.  Have a great week my dear!