Excellent job today, guys!  See reminders for what to focus on below.


Terrific first lesson (with me)!   Remember how we practiced — just the R.H. (not with just the song we worked in the lesson, but others you are playing as well), at a slower tempo, MOVE to the character of the piece’s rhythm while listening to the sound your fingertips are making

[HIGH WRISTS produce a bright sound, low wrists produce a flat sound] as you shape the phrases.


You practiced well over the holidays!  A++!!  Remember to keep those wrists HIGH!!!  And, try to play all of your pieces from beginning to end, correctly, WITHOUT STOPPING!


Steady as she goes!  You’ve really become consistent in your progress.  The same reminders.  Most important of which ~ practice makes perfect!


Woohoo!!  The king of practicing over the holidays!!!  You’re getting good, my boy.  Keep it up!!


I sense learning the cello can be grueling at times for you, my dear.  Don’t give up!!  You are making steady progress.  By the end of this semester you will be astonished by how much you’ve learned.  I promise you!