Happy New Year Chiara!  You are sounding really good.  Remember to try the lying on the floor to do some singing, especially warm up.  That way you’ll be really super relaxed.  Do all kinds of vocalizations, she what kinds of sounds you can make. Loud, soft, nasal or airy.  Sing through The People in Your Neighbourhood very s..l..o..w…l…y getting all the notes very clear. We will choose another new song next week.  Cheers!

Great to see you again!  Your voice is in great shape after a few weeks of vacay.  Don’t forget the Sound of Music book.  There will be several songs we can start on when you get that.  I think you’ll enjoy it.  Warm ups are essential.  Long tones, even when you’re driving…..get the buzz in your nose happening.  See if you can get to a nice clear bright sound by the end of your warm up.  Looking forward to working with you again!

Girl!  Nice to see you!  Ok, have a listen (many times) to the Jesus Christ Super Star song.  It suits your voice very well.  Try to learn it as best you can.  Remember that you strengthen your voice with your warm ups.  Go slow, be gentle, but do it for a good strong 10 minutes solid.  NOTICE how your voice feels before and after warm up.  This will tell you a lot about how you are progressing.  We will be looking at new rep for you soon!  Take care!