Hi everyone,

Here are your homework assignments for this week:


Practice the snare drum/bass drum rhythms that we worked on in your lesson. First, figure out what the rhythm is, then look at which notes are played on the snare and which ones are played on the bass. Try playing each one slowly while counting the rhythm out loud. It is important to keep a steady speed while playing these exercises.


Work on the four new drum beats which are written down in your book. Practice each one at a variety of speeds and see if you can play it consistently for several repetitions. Also, try improvising some drum fills along with the beats, but be sure to keep steady and get back into the beat after your fill.


Great work on “Music at Work” today. Focus this week on the transitions, and also spend some time working on the last fill in the song. Practice along with the recording and see if you can stay in time with it the whole way though, even if there are mistakes. Next week we’ll play this song a few more times and then work on something new.


Practice the three drum beats that are written down in your book on the page marked “Dec 10/Jan 7.” Try to play each one several times in a row without stopping. Also, practice them at different speeds – slow, medium, and fast – but don’t go any faster than you can play comfortably.


Practice the new coordination exercises that we worked on in your lesson. Figure out which drum each note should be played on, and then play all four notes at a steady speed. Try to play each exercise several times in a row without stopping.