Great effort and practice (for the most part) today and this week, guys!


You know more, can play better than you let on, my fine sir!  Imagine how far you could be if you focused and concentrated most of the time on what is on the page in front of you during the lessons and at home?


An improvisation piece for the recital!  Well, hopefully, as I won’t be there.  But, you can do it, Ahaan!  I believe in you.  Practice telling a story through music ~ a beginning, a middle and an end.  Make it interesting above all!


Remember that the key to playing music with ease and success (musically), is to be RELAXED (in your body), MOVING to the rhythm of the piece, and THINKING of/IMAGINING and FEELING the story that you are trying to tell.


Onto the next level!  ‘Cruella’ is getting better, too.  NO RUSHING!!!!  Gerardo’s comments apply to you, too!


Great job, again, Rishith.  Remember, DO NOT move your head and arms to every count, but MOVE your chest/belly (forward) ONLY on the STRONG BEATS!