He should fine adjust Spanish Romance, particularly all the shapes, also referred to as snapshots. His goal should be fluently moving throughout the song, from shape to shape. Strong focus on the second part in E major. Matthieu should also play the verse and the chorus to Nothing compares to you.


He should play Purple Rain. Focus on the harmonic rhythm to the song – how much does each chord last. He should also fine adjust Greensleeves, making sure melodic line is followed, as long as the bass line and the suggested fingering – especially at the second part.


He should review Eleanor Rigby, paying attention to the details, such as the bass line, the tempo to the phrase at the end of the intro, as well as the song’s structure. Matias should also play Time is on my side and Grand finale at pages 46-48 of Hal Leonard book.


Julian should practice intro, verse and chorus to Have you ever seen the rain. He should keep great focus on the harmonic rhythm to the song – how much does each chord last – particularly on the two measure passage in the chorus with two chords per bar: / C G/B / Am C/G /.


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