Hi everyone,

Here are your homework assignments for this week:


Try to spend some time over the next couple weeks listening to  “Let It Be” in preparation for the recital. Practice keeping a steady beat with the song and making sure that the bass drum always plays on beat 1. You’re sounding really good on this song!


Focus on practicing the end of “Back in Black” this week. From the bridge to the end is the only part that’s a little shaky. Try to really listen to how the drum part fits with the rest of the song (especially the guitar). If you can hear how your part fits in, you will have no problem playing it.


Review some of the jazz patterns that we have worked on recently. Practice counting them in your head first and then playing them with your sticks. Also, keep in mind what we discussed this week about phrasing – think of each rhythm as a melody and decide how you want it to sound: rising, or falling, or rise then fall. Thinking about rhythms this way will help you to always be musical with your playing.


Take a look at the rhythms we practiced this week. Focus on keeping a steady speed while you play. If you can play these rhythms accurately and consistently, you will hear the interlocking patterns more clearly. These types of rhythms are in all kinds of different music, so learning them will help you to play in different styles.


Practice “Don’t Let Me Down” this week by listening to the recording and working on the beats. Focus especially on nailing down the timing of the transitions. Being really steady with your timing will help us establish a really solid groove.