Hi Olivia, Bohan and Amy. Here is your homework. Sorry to submit this late, have been experiencing technical difficulties.

Olivia, thanks for working so hard in your lesson.

As a warm- up:

practice circular

bow strokes.  Imagine you are painting the sound with your bow. Practice downbow circles first, then also upbow circles. Circle carries through the string…start with light, airy sound, then go deeper into the string. On heavier bow strokes, bow is closer to bridge; with lighter & faster bow strokes bow is closer to the fingerboard. Repeat 5x.

Next, vary bow strokes: heavy- light. Tip: keep bow moving through string. Continuous motion.

Practice bow exercise ( without bow) :

hold bow vertically and allow it to drop on your left arm ( pronation). Then pushing down with your little finger bring bow back to vertical position ( supination).

Practice new finger pattern: 1st and 2nd finger close. Play C major scale, separate bows ( middle of bow), 2 notes and 4 notes slurred. Repeat the top note.

Practice both finger patterns: 2nd and 3rd fresonance.se and 1st and 2nd finger close by playing G major scale in 2 octaves. Also practice arpeggios. Same bowings as C major scale.

” My heart will go on” :

Remember to tilt bow hair toward fingerboard at beginning of song. Left hand: practice resonance exercise: put 3 rd finger G lightly on D string ( harmonic). Play note and gradually increase weight on 3rd finger G. Listen for resonance. Lighten or increase bow arm weight aiming for a beautiful, round sound.

Finger Pattern: 2nd & 3rd finger close on G & D string; 1st & 2nd finger close on A & E string. Practice long note G ( 3 rd finger- D string) followed by short note. Rule is more weight on long note ( closer to br zone 2), lighter and faster upbow short note ( closer to zone 3).

Also practice” Pirate Song”( 3rd and 4th finger close). And “Fellowship of the Rings” ( 2nd &3rd finger close and 3rd &4th finger close). Also review Skye boat song starting on A string ( with slurs) and starting on G& D strings ( drones).

Next class, minor scales and arpeggios.

Happy Practicing! Looking forward to seeing you Sunday!

Bohan, good playing in opening theme of Bach Double! Well done!

Warm- up with a C minor scale ( harmonic) and arpeggio for measures (mm) 60 to 63. Practice exercises in your manuscript book: a) quarter notes b) rhythm practice c)slurred bowing. Next practice the passage slowly, gradually increase tempo.

Next: shifting exercise ( manuscript book) for mm 74 to 76. Then practice the passage. Slowly, gradually increase tempo.  Also practice trill exercise and apply to Bach Double.

Go over string crossing exercise ( pg 3 manuscript book) using martele bow stroke. Then practice first  solo.

Counterpoint:practice rhythms. Tikatika for 16 the notes. Play D minor scale and practice tied rhythm counterpoint passage.

Next class: Bach double mm 30 & 31 and 73& 74. A m string crossing mm50&51. Tutti with 1 st violin. Looking forward to Sunday!

Amy, good grasp of Vivaldi Trumpet concerto. Intonation is much better. Always look ahead. Practice phrase with hooked bowing on 1st page and 2 and page. Practice with metronome. 96 to quarter note. Practice tricky rhythm passages thinking 16 the notes. Practice shifting to 3rd position.

Go over studies. Next class : Vivaldi Largo. Looking forward to Sunday!