Luke should keep on practicing “Black Magic Woman” on the bass guitar. In addition to it, he should practice the intro and verse  to “Come Together”. Focus on sliding from E to A with the 3rd finger on the 5th string, and also on maintaing this A note sounding while you play F on the 1st string (with finger #1).


Frida should practice playing E, F & G at the first string of her acoustic guitar. She should play exercises #1,2 & 3 on page 8. The Hal Leonard Guitar Method should be purchased for next lesson. In case she doesn’t have the book for part of the week, she has a sheet with the mentioned exercises on it.


Veronika should keep on practicing Bob Dylan’s “Blowing in the wind”. Now she should play the whole song. Focus on the the 2/4 measure in the choruses right before the recurrent harmonica part. She should also practice – as per request – Bruno Mars’ “Count on Me”.