You are very good at catching on to new concepts. Practice things in small bites over and over again. Please practice the two pages of A Dozen a Day. Put the names of the notes under each.  Firefly is coming along nicely, keep working on it.  Review Happy Birthday, I’d like to help you add a bass line soon.  Good work my dear!

Practice the five finger strengthening exercise with each hand. C,D,E,F,G.  crash! G,F,E,D,C.  Remember to keep your fingers curved and your hand relaxed.  Practice playing the keys one at a time, don’t hold down all the keys as you play.  Keep your wrist high and loose.  Work on Rain Rain Go Away for another week. Good work!

The Waltz is very very good!  You’ve done well making it more light and quick. Remember to work on Oompa-Pa.  Play it slowly and then speed it up. Try Magic Man, see how hard or easy it is.  We will work on it next week. Don’t forget to practice EVERY DAY! You will get so good so fast!  Keep up the good work!

Ask your mum about finding one of Eduardo’s old song books. Work on the “Splitz” on the sheet I gave you.  Keep working on making your fingers strong.  Practice CC, EE,GG Crash! GG,EE, CC.  Try doing this pattern with hands separately and then hands together.  Go slow at first.  You are doing great work!

Remember to play Sherlock very very steadily.  Find a metronome online and set it to 112.  It might feel too fast at first, try it slower and work your way up to a faster tempo.  I will ask you to name any note on the page next week.  You need to learn the names of the notes on the staff a bit more thoroughly.  You can do this quickly!   Work on the Hanon exercise for 5 minutes solid.  Good work!

 “This is Not Jingle Bells” song is really coming along!  I’m impressed by how much of it you learned this week. Practice the sight reading sheet I gave you.  Start work on Paper Airplane – remember you will need to cross hands in the second half.  Keep up the good work!

On the Brave song be sure to read the words from the book.  Get used to looking at notes and words at the same time.  Work on Over the Rainbow with a nasal tone.  It doesn’t have to be pretty.  Do this several times till it feels normal.  Next week we will learn a new song – My Favourite Things.  I will bring the music.  Good work!