Hello Ezra and Elora,

It was glad to see you. Although we haven’t took lessons few weeks, I’m happy to see that both of you remember partially what I taught you. We reviewed some of the materials that I handed it out, so please review them. Here is the assignment for this week.

Ezra- We learned open hi-hat technique. Make sure distinguish clearly between close and open hi-hat sound. When you practice open hi-hat technique, remember that you only use use ankle of left foot. DO NOT lift entire leg, just like right foot of bass drum kick. Practice slowly and analyze your motion by seeing through your eyes as I showed you. Please review the previous double kick material and the open hi-hat technique. In addition, I gave you open hi-hat variation exercises. You don’t need to play, but I would strongly suggest to see it so that you could see where open hi-hat is occurring.  Aim 45 minute daily and focus all the time. Lastly, I mentioned to you the stick grip, WATCH your left hand and see your two thumb and second finger.


Elora- We reviewed simple rock beat. PLEASE REVIEW the previous materials and practice slowly. As we missed lessons about 2-3 weeks, I’m going review some materials. But, you also need to look over it. Aim at least 30 minute daily. In addition, practice stick grip. As I showed you my recording video and I recorded the your video so that you could see how motion is going on. It would be great that mom or dad could help and record Elora’s motion while she practicing. Show it to Elora and ask her how she is doing. Let me know how it goes.