Hello Pedro, Alejandro, and Ella,

I’m very sorry for update homework lately. It was a bit crazy last 3 days. This won’t be happen again. Here is the assignment until we meet next time.

Pedro- Keep working on the open Hi-hat exercise. I know it is not easy in the beginning, but do it slowly and see your motion of left foot. First of all, practice individually all the parts. Practice open hi-hat technique only so that you left foot and your body feel comfortable. While you’re moving left foot, do not move your body weight. To clarify, make sure your body weight balance always equal when you move left and right feet. Try to practice 1 hour daily and take a break when you feel tense on your legs muscle.

Alejandro- We learned open hi-hit technique and we learned some exercises. Make sure practice slowly and see your motion of feet. It would be great to help by mom that ask Alejandro a question where is open hi-hat symbol. The symbol is a circle on top of x (hi-hat) instruments. Try to focus exercises that we worked on. Lastly, please check your drum stick hitting motion. Mom, you could help Alejandro by watching him that his both wrists motion should be up and down, not circle motion. Aim to practice 30 minute daily.

Ella- We learned simple double kick. Make sure that second eight note of bass drum sound should be strong because of the balance of sound. Remember the foot motion; hill (toes) then entire foot. The motion is like kicking motion. Practice slowly and  see your motion while you’re practice. Try to practice 45 minute daily and take a break if your feel tension on your leg.


Happy Practice~