Hi Michelle and Nila!


Great lessons this week!


Reminder to you both – all your lesson resources can be found here:



Michelle – you’re continuing to work on engaging your core muscles throughout singing in your technical exercise – Mi Me Ma etc. You’re also working on forming that body map – understanding how all the pieces of your posture relate to each other.  Start learning Once I Loved, verses 1 and 2.  Great work this week, kiddo!

Nila – well done again!  You’re working on the full major scale – Do Re Mi etc. with hand signs (2 minutes a day) – The Full Voice p. 4 has all this information, in case you forget the new hand signs. You’re also going to spend some time with the Hiss-Saw exercise (5 minutes a day).  Finally, we will begin learning Castle On A Cloud next week, so you can spend a little time on youtube or whatever streaming service you enjoy listening to versions of this piece!  It’s from the musical Les Miserables.  Enjoy!


Thanks all, it was lovely being your teacher again this week!