Hello Pedro, Ronan, Alejandro, Brad, and Ella,

great to see you all, and good to see some progression. Here is the assignment for the two weeks.


Pedro- We learned today simple basic drum beat. Remember that you must give “Strong and Weak” sound when you practice 8th notes on hit hat. In addition, when you play bass drum, make sure right feet is lift. Finally, when you add snare drum, make sure your shoulders are relax. Count loud and try to do the method what we did during the lesson. Try to aim practice 1 hour daily

Ronan- Make sure practice the last material carefully and I hope to see you on 16th and try to practice 30 minute daily. :)

Alejandro- Good progression on last materials. Keep working hard~. We learned today simple basic drum beat. Remember the instruments name: Hit-Hat, Bass drum, and Snare drum. Before you practice, you MUST count and REMEMBER that the bass drum is on 1 & 3 and Snare drum is 2 & 4 while you keep playing 8th notes of Hit-hat~. Finally Keep practice the last materials. You are doing well, but I would like to keep seeing the progression. Try to practice at least 30 minute or 1 hour.

Brad- Make sure review the last materials and bring the all materials with you when we have next lesson. We learned simple basic drum beat today and remember the hit-hat hitting motion that I showed you. You should provide “Strong and Weak”  sound all the time when you playing 8th notes on Hit-Hat. Finally, Re-practice the grips. (How to hold the sticks and how to strike it) Try to practice at least 30 min.

Ella- Nice to meet you and we learned how to hold the drum sticks. Remember that you must relax shoulders and wrists. In addition, your thumb and second finger have to “squeeze ” all the time when you stroke the stick on the drum. Your rest of fingers are just covering drum sticks gently. Make sure your sticks creates triangle shapes and open shoulders. When you play on practice pad or drum, imagine playing a basket ball or throwing the ball. Warning that do not either thumb or second finger pop out. It causes injury as times goes by and the drum sticks won’t bouncing back. Try to practice 30 min daily. :)


Happy Practice and Happy Thanks Giving weekend :)