Great lessons and practice/effort this week, folks.  Keep it up!!


Excellent second lesson, sir!  Remember to keep your wrists high, shoulders relaxed, and elbows out while you walk from key to key on your fingertips while your core is engaged.  Practice and review the pages that has today’s date (Oct. 2) on them.


Good work playing hands together and be up for the challenge of playing ‘Batman’ in your first recital this December!!  You are playing the lead part in the duet, so you have to make sure your part is down!  Practice ‘Everything is Awesome’ H.S. as well.


Great work on the ‘Saints’, despite only practicing a few days this past week.  Work on it in your time like we did in the lesson.  Then, practice your next two assigned songs in the same way!


Keep EVERY KNUCKLE of your fingers CURVED (not too tightly) when articulating keys, AND when they are off of the keys!  Your hands should always be in a ‘claw-like’ formation as you play.  Practice the pieces I assigned this week (denoted by ‘Oct. 2).



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