One out you three today stepped up to play (in a piano way) today.  You know who YOU ARE!!


Hmm, hmmm.  You played H.T. (hands together) the first bar of Batman…. so YOU CAN DO IT!!!!  Now, play the rest of the piece H.T.  For Moog city, play just the melodic line as it passes from R.H. (right hand) to L.H. (left hand).  And, don’t forget to count 1-2-3-4, holding down dotted half notes for 3 counts!


WOWWWW!!!!  You sight-read 4 or 5 pieces around your level in your lesson today!!  Good focus of mind.  Remember to always MOVE to the rhythm as you play, even if you’re playing REALLY SLOWLY.


Keep your FINGERS CURVED at ALL TIMES, whether pressing down a key, OR up above a key ready to strike!  WALK from finger to finger in the ‘one finger per white key’/5-finger position.



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