Hello all,

Here is this week’s homework:


This week we worked on the song from “Moana”. Practice playing these bass notes at a very slow tempo. Use a metronome if possible and set it so you are holding each note for four beats. Take it nice a slow.

We also looked at learning notes this week. Remember that you have four strings: (E, A, D and G). With each fret you move up a semitone ( E, F, F#, G etc.) Try to work on finding notes on each string.


This week we reviewed your E minor chord. Continue to practice “Get up, Stand up”. Practice at a steady tempo so you don’t get confused with the rhythms.

This week we also looked at the note G (3rd fret of the high e string). Take a look at the songs on the page marked in your guitar book. Practice them very slowly and pay attention to the notes on the page as you go on.


This week we looked at some chords in your guitar book: G, D7 and C. Work on the chords using the chord progressions in your guitar book. Remember to take your time when trying to switch between chords. Try to switch every 4 beats. Give yourself as much time as you need between 4 beats to switch between chords.



Have a great week everyone!