“The Entertainer”: Practice the last phrase with separate hands. Be particularly careful with the fingering in the left hand.
Practice the B section (rh: c-d-d#-e etc..) up to that point with both hands. Start moderately slow, and speed up progressively.

Maria Ines:

Practice the verse and pre-chorus of “In the Stars”. Remember to sing the lyrics in order to fall with the chords in the right beat.

For “Arcade”, practice the song up to the fifth page. Take 5 or 10 minutes of your practice session to go over the bridge and the No Chords chorus in loop, as we did in class, so you can match the tempo of the verses.
If possible, figure out the melodic lines of both singers (they are different).


My Piano Adventures p. 49 “Russian Folk Song”. Pay special attention to the dotted half notes in the second line (make sure she counts to 3 and follows with the C in the right hand). If she can, add the soft dynamic in bar 10.