What we worked on: Dead Mom

What to work on: We spent a lot of time exploring bringing our more belt-y chest voice up higher and we came to a sort of breakthrough! This week, spend your practice time using the open arms method we tried in class. Review those higher, harder parts, and let yourself open up – really feel your back and arm muscles when you do it to ground you.


What we worked on: Born to Entertain

What to work on: Review the melody this week, and practice our ng-ah exercises. We want to bring your voice forward more. So before you sing, make sure you include the ng-ah’s in your warm up!


What we worked on: We reviewed our different types of notes and picked a song we want to learn.

What to work on: I’m making her an easy piano sheet music for the song “Believer” by Imagine Dragons. Give me like a day, and I’ll get that to you somehow. It might not all make sense to her yet, but we’ll dig into it next Saturday. For now, I’d love to have her go through and count the song. We’ve spent a lot of time reviewing that quarter notes are worth one beat, half notes are worth two beats, and eighth notes are worth half a beat. So when I finish up the sheet music, I’d really like her to go through it and write out how much each note is worth.


What we worked on: Part of Your World.

What to work on: This week, listen to the song and get used to it, learn the words and the melody as best as possible and next week we’ll start really digging in.


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