“The Entertainer”: Put together the last phrase of the song with both hands. Start slow, and increase the tempo progressively. Then, play the complete song (with its repetitions) at a normal tempo.

Piano Adventures p. 30 “Bus Stop Boogie”: Read complete. Can you name the chords you are playing?

Maria Ines:

“In the Stars”: Practice the verse of the song, specially the second part of the verse, where the left hand bass enters with the bass in octaves and the right hand plays in ‘pendular’ motion.  Remember that the Gm chord lasts twice as long as the previous two.

“Payphone”: figure out the melody of the song for next class.

Remember to ask for piano music without lyrics.


Piano Adventures p. 50-51 “Come See the Parade!” Practice form beginning to end. Pay special attention to the change between the left and right hands between bars 6-7 and 9-10. Make sure your hand is extended enough to reach G with the pinky (5) in your right hand.