Blitzkrieg Bop sounds great! Keep working on getting smooth transitions between chords. Keep practicing along to the song. American Idiot sounds great too. Focus on the rhythm of this tune. Listen to the song if you need a refresher. Good job on Should I Stay Or Should I Go today! Listen to the song this week and try to learn the structure. Try to work on the double time section this week. Great work!


Nice job on Don’t Go Slow! Keep working on it! You did a great job working on the playing and singing together. Try to play and sing the whole song. The lyrics and chord changes work the same way throughout the song. Nice work on Cake by the Ocean today! Practice the riff this week. We will do the chorus next time. Nice job!


Great work on Hey Jude! This song is really tough but you are doing great. Focus your practice on the chord changes that you find the hardest. Switch back and forth between the toughest transitions until they become a bit faster and more natural. Listen to the song and learn the structure this week. We will finish the chords next time. Keep working on the melody also! It is sounding great. Also keep working on Let It Be. Nice work!


It was great to meet you! Congratulations on your first ever guitar lesson! Try to memorize the string names for next time. Also work on the snake exercise and all the open chords we did. Practice Back In Black and Seven Nation Army for next time. I know it is a lot of information to take in, but you did great! Nice work!