Hi everyone! Hope you’re all keeping warm and safe in the snow. Apologies for this week’s homework being late – the snow seems to have somehow blown out my internet. I just got it back, so getting this to you as quickly as I could!



We began working on our first song – Believer by Imagine Dragons! Here’s the link to the sheet music. The first page is a worksheet for her to complete. I also wrote a few instructions at the top, so she’ll hopefully be able to work through it all. There are also underlines in the sheet music for her to fill in the blanks on how much each note is worth. I don’t want to put too much pressure to on her to complete everything in the worksheet this week, but just as much as she’s able to. We also learned the first few lines of the song, so I’d love for her to practice those a few times this week so we can learn the next section next week!



Here is the link to your new (lower) sheet music and a new karaoke track to practice with. Remember, when you practice, that we want to really drop our jaw and round out those vowels. And our R’s should be very soft, almost non-existent, kind of like if you were singing in a British accent. Our goal this week is to memorize most of the lyrics to the song so next week we can sing it without looking at the words.


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