Harry and Sam

  • Since it’s been a few weeks since I last saw you two, I’m not sure how you’ve been progressing. Given this, I would like you both to play drums at least twice this week. You can play what ever you want – whether it’s something we’ve covered in lessons or just playing for fun.
  • Also, check out this video of my current favourite drummer. He’s only 15!


  • Practise the “More Beats (paired)” sheet along to Bank Account. You should be able to play all 3 lines and switch between them as the song progresses.
  • Decide whether you want to play at the ABC recital. It’s on May 5th. You can play what ever song you’d like. I really encourage you to do it as it will make practising more purposeful and focused.
  • Practise the new triplet beat I wrote out. Count triplets out loud (“1-trip-let, 2-trip-let,” etc.)


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