Mario Song: Practice with the technique explained in class for the thirds. Slowly raise the tempo of the song.

Piano Adventures p. 37 “French Minuet”. Go from beginning to end, and be particularly careful with the skips between notes that you marked on your book.

Maria Ines:

Payphone: Practice the chorus of the song several times. Use a metronome and try to slowly raise the tempo until you match the rest of the song.

In the Stars: Incorpore the pedal. Practice changing pedals each time you change a chord in the song.

City of Stars: Take a few minutes to practice the sequence on the left hand. When you feel comfortable playing that, put both hands together (first page).


Write a brief song with the notes indicated in class (black keys + A).

Piano adventures p. 58 “Football Game”. Make sure she’s reading the right notes and following the fingering indicated.


“Siamese Cats”: play from beginning to end. Remember to count in your mind, and follow a steady beat as we did in class.

Practice the following chord sequence, playing three notes in the right hand and the root note in the left hand: C-F-G-Am.