G major

  • now arm: evenly distribute each note
  • Try to increase tempo
  • Add elastic band to bow

D major

  • practice a bit slower so you know where to change the bow

D major arpeggio 1 3 and 5

  • practice with a D drone
  • Slow separate bows: whole bow
  • Practice plucking and saying notes: D Fsharp A
  • Then 3 notes per bow: evenly distributed

Whale song

  • learning how to walk fingers across string in pairs instead of entire hand
  • Dynamics: making a difference between mf and f. Diminuendo as well

Tired Tortoise

  • Just practice string crossings and prepare with elbow

Start working on March

  • metronome and D drone
  • DC al fine

Minuet 2

  • practice performing for people and playing along with recordings and accompaniments
  • Increase tempo

It’s time to start book 2!!!