D major Closed Fingering

  • left arm higher with elbow pointing towards the C string when on the lower strings, esp in the higher positions
  • Keep in mind when it is a shift vs. an extension
  • extension between 1-2, not 2-4
  • don’t take hand off the string for shifts or extensions. remember to shift on the old finger, old string
  • open hand to extend or shift, prepare with arm

G minor Harmonic

  • 4 per bow needs to go faster
  • practice extension. don’t lock out finger joints
  • try to practice so you don’t need to stop for the shifts/extensions

Pachyderm parade

  • work on plucking with an increased tempo before adding the bow
  • practice A – Fsharp
  • How far is the shift? Just a tone: 3rd finger replaced by 1st finger. Practice this and isolate it

Start Working on Ballad. Note key signature, and where the extensions are. Note how you are doing the extensions in a mirror.

  • try to not let 2nd finger fall to the 1st finger when extending. Keep the extension open until it’s no longer needed
  • don’t move elbow so much for extensions in lower positions

Minuet No 3

  • shift into regular second position on the G string, rop elbow and switch to A string. Now you are in extended 2nd for a bar. Keep hand extended until down beat of following bar


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