D major

  • left arm up for lower strings please
  • if you are struggling with remembering the extensions, start by practicing the descending pattern and then immediately ascend without releasing the 2nd finger extension
  • move the thumb before or with the fingers in order to prepare
  • keep working 2 notes per bow
  • don’t stop the bow in order to change notes or strings
  • think of your slurred string crossings – bow is smooth and fluid

Check out cellist Johannes Moser

Shifting exercise 2nd position

  • C natural
  • increase the tempo
  • add the bow
  • Starts on up bow open d
  • shift during the open string , not after you have played the open string. Then you do not have to wait for the ledt hang to be ready to play.
  • Try to play in a consistent tempo: goal tempo is 90. start at 45 for the quarter note


  • 1st finger in 2nd finger needs to be closer the 2nd fingers (ex. fsharp is too low)
  • when shifting back to 1st position need to get lower
  • shift sooner, don’t wait. Use the open strings to your advantage
  • don’t forget to shift with the arm.
  • still plucking this week to work on increasing the tempo.
  • add the bow slowly
  • isolate and repeat the shifts

Start plucking skating


  • Higher 1st finger. Check A with open A and D with open D
  • increase tempo: goal is 80
  • put metronome on 65-70 and gradually increase tempo
  • use less bow as you increase. Don’t do the rit. with the metronome


  • start plucking
  • 1st closer 2nd
  • practice with G drone


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