G major

  • get the weight out of the string for descending shift
  • practice slower, land with tall fingers
  • Fsharp closer to G in 4th position
  • practice D to E and E to D. Listening for the shift and the intonation. then go faster


  • work on keeping the bow moving, smootha dn continuous
  • save the bow, slow bow
  • anticipate string string crossings

Vibrato Exercise

  • doesn’t really matter what the bow is doing
  • as the motion gets smaller, it should also get faster
  • practice playing twinkle opening on one string with the tenis ball. Tehn add vibrato motion. Try to make it continuous while moving from one note to the next

Toy soldier

  • practice same way as bugle call
  • when more comfortable, add metronome, increase tempo
  • don’t forget about bow angle, don’t use too much bow

Sitting In the Shade

  • increase tempo, less bow
  • great dynamics!
  • add metronome: start around 65 – 70 and make your way to indicated tempo
  • don’t rush your eighth notes

May Time

  • Con moto: with motion AKA faster
  • practice with C drone. Listen for ringing 4th finger on G string
  • dim e rit: get quieter and softer
  • memorize
  • sustain through slurs without dashes
  • as you increase the tempo use less bow