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Slurred String Crossings – Forward and backwards

  • start on an upbow on the C string
  • careful tip on A string doesnt point down

G major 2 octaves

  • remember that when we do 1 note per bow for scales, we still need to use the whole bow for every note
  • round fingers, tall fingers always
  • remember to fully straighten bow arm on D and A strings
  • remember to think of the shift in advance, on the note before the shift, and prepare with your arm. Then you don’t need to stop the bow for the shift
  • Keep working with the G drone
  • repeat and slur practice with the shift
  • no squeezing of the hand, all arm activation

Shifting exercise

  • practice sliding the new finger into the G or D in one bow to help feel the distance
  • Stop and reset if you play multiple in a row out of tune

Elephant Waltz

  • metronome work this week: start at 70 and increase to full tempo (104)
  • C drone: think slightly bigger spacing between fingers
  • Tendency to slow down on eighth notes
  • think of string crossings and shift in advance: prepare with left arm

Start working on tired tortoise

  • DC al fine: go back to the beginning and play until it says FINE
  • think about note names and positions when they don’t provide fingerings
  • focus on getting the correct rhythm and notes with plucking first
  • when adding bow, practice string crossings on second line as double stops

Minuet No. 2

  • Pluck first
  • C drone
  • Listen to it :)
  • pay attention to string corssings and the location of your left arm