2nd Position Shifting Exercise

  • Don’t forget about your bow: don’t let the pinky stick up. Keep opening and closing from the bow elbow
  • rememebr that it’s Up bow on the open string, and Down bow on the note you’re shifting to

3rd position – 4th finger replaced by 1st finger

  • shifting motion ont the way up looks great. Think more about lifting and releasing for your descending shifts

Practice 4th finger to 3rd finger (lower 2nd/extended 1st posiiton)

  • this shift is only a semi tone shift: very small shift

D major 4 notes per bow

  • try t keep the bow smooth. I’m hearing a bit of pulsing or inconsistence of a smooth bow slur when the notes change.
  • imagine you’re playing a slur
  • left hand should never interfere with right hand. Think about extensions especially
  • work towards 8 per bow – increase tempo

Minuet in C

  • memorize for next week
  • don’t add dots or articulations where they aren’t
  • lower 4th finger
  • careful with string crossings – think about the elbow. Raise and lower the elbow before you need to get to the next string
  • poco rit: gradually slow down a little bit second time
  • more bow in general
  • increase tempo slightly with metronome work from 70-90bpm
  • practice with C and G drone


  • keep practicing the shift
  • use more bow when its not a quarter note
  • hide the shift during the bow change

Pluck Elephant Waltz

  • left arm up for lower strings – make sure to raise it before you need to get there
  • plucking first
  • work with C drone and metronome