Don’t forget to bring a tenis ball for next week.

D major arpeggio

  • when should the left arm come up?descending, before the F sharp

G major

  • Drone work: listen for ringing 4th fingers
  • 4th finger in 4th position (G), check with open string
  • still practicing one note per bow when working on intonation. Check with a drone
  • and then needs to go a bit faster when doing 8 per bow

G major arpeggio

  • increase tempo
  • try 6 per bow

Bugle Call

  • Practice playing the blocked notes, not just the harmonics
  • CHeck 4th finger with A, 2nd finger with open G
  • Fsharps highers
  • increase tempo
  • keep weight in the string with the bow, don’t go lighter with the bow. keep a focused sound

Sitting in the Shade

  • 2nd position a little sharp
  • when shifting back to 1st position, think lower with 1st finger
  • D and G drones slowly
  • then metronome
  • add dynamics

Long Long Ago

  • memorized :)
  • raise left arm before going to G/C strings
  • G drone/C drone practice
  • up bows on D string (with dots): get to the string sooner. Pronate the arm to catch the string. Elbow up sooner and higher for D string

May Time

  • clap the rhythm while subdividing the bar into 6 and then in 2
  • pluck with metronome on eighth note, and then dotted quarter (2 clicks per bar 45-55)
  • C + G drone
  • when adding the bow, pay attention to when the slurs do and don’t have dashes. Dashes mean we will have to stop the bow and articulate each note within the slurs