D major

  • Think of closing the hand more when you aren’t extending
  • check 4th finger in 1st position

D major arpeggio

  • no bending in the wrist
  • straighten out 1st finger as much as possible. no space between 3-4
  • push the other fingers away with the first finger

G major

  • start shift sooner
  • arrive on tall round planted fingers
  • smaller hand position in 4th position
  • add a drone
  • shifting motion is over adn forward, not just forward

Buggle call

  • start closer to the frog
  • use a slower bow speed with a more focused sound
  • practice without the notes

Sitting in the Shade

  • Pluck first when practicing
  • C sharp closer to D and Fsharp closer to G
  • dynamics
  • practice plucking adn letting the cello ring for intonation. Does it keep ringing or does the sound stop?


  • Tennis ball.
  • big motion all the way down the cello and back. make the motion faster and smaller gradually. make your way to A on the D string. Keep rotating the arm from the albow, as well as keeping the throwing/shifting/sliding motion
  • watch yourself in the mirror to make sure it isn’t just your wrist moving