Hello Matthew,

It was great meeting you today. Please find the notes below from your lesson and your goals for next week:

  • When practicing, make sure you are set up properly. Find a chair without arms or wheels. Sit on your sit bones, halfway forward in the seat, with your knees at a 90 degree angle
  • Make sure the cello rests on your sternum, with the scroll and pegs BEHIND your neck. This is important for good posture, and a comfortable playing position
  • The fingerboard should be close and next to our neck. at no point will we be turning to check our left hand while we play
  • Notes that the cello should be tuned to are A D G and C (from top to bottom). Use your tuner every time you practice ot make sure the pitches are in tune. Turn the fine tuners clockwise if the string is flat, or counterclockwise if they are sharp. If they are not on the right note, use the pegs to adjust very very slightly. Carefully move the pegs little by little.


  • DD AA BB A, GG FsharpFsharp EE D
  • AA GG FsharpFsharp E, AA GG FsharpFsharp E
  • DD AA BB A, GG FsharpFsharp EE D
  • Check your fourth finger with the open G string – listen for the ringing pitches

C major- 1 octave

  • 0 1 3 4, 0 1 3 4
  • C major – no sharps no flats. C D E F G A B C
  • practice saying the note names before plucking them
  • Practice with a C drone (in the same tuner app)

G major – 1 octave

  • same fingering as C major
  • G A B C D E Fsharp G
  • practice saying the note names before plucking them
  • practice with a G drone (in the same tuner app)

I will see you next week!