Hi Matthew!

Great job with the bow this week. It is starting to look a lot more natural.

Slurred String Crossings

  • 2 beats on C, 2 beats on G. Devide the bow in two parts. 4 beats on the up bow (push bow)
  • Drop the elbow as it comes into the cello, this will keep the tip going in the correct
  • reach around the cello with a straight arm on the A string to keep the right bow trajectory

Scales with the bow

  • Raise the left arm for the C and G strings – make sure there isn’t a bend in the wrist
  • Be aware of the left thumb. is it bent is it relaxed?
  • be aware of your bow hold. Are some fingers pointing out?
  • Don’t forget to drop the bow elbow on the up (push) bow
  • Make sure the left hand doesn’t become “slanted” on the A string

Start the second octave of C major. Make sure you use the 2nd finger for F and C natural. Add the bow – one note per bow.

French folk song – Intonation and bow angle was SO GOOD

  • tempo: make sure all quarter notes are even. increase tempo slightly
  • make sure long notes are a full 3 beats
  • work with a metronome = 75 for the quarter note is goal tempo. start at 65, increase metronome slowly, once you are ale to play through successfully without mistakes or stopping
  • use a little bit less bow. We don’t always need to use the whole bow. Utilize a slower bow speed and you will get a clearer and more controlled sound
  • use your open strings to think ahead

Tucka tucka stop stop w/ Twinkle

  • less bow
  • do the rhythm slightly slower, think about the swinging pendulum of your bow arm.
  • The bow arm initiates the bow stroke
  • make sure to pull first
  • bow elbow up on the A string. straighten ou the arm and come around the cello

Twinkle straight rhythm

  • use 2/3rds of the bow. start a little further out in the bow, and don’t travel completely to the tip of the bow

Lighlty Row

  • pluck along with the recording. listen for intonation. You’ll find the video at the link below. Have a good week :)




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