G minor Harmonic

  • 2 and 3 go down together when extending to 3rd finger
  • practice extending finger. Watch left arm and make sure that the direction doesn’t change just for one finger.
  • increase tempo
  • work on 8 per bow


  • G Bflat D
  • 4-1-4 extesnio keep hand open, don’t collapse
  • work on 1-3 per bow

G minor Melodic

  • G A Bflat C D E Fsharp G
  • G F Eflat D C Bflat A G
  • don’t forget about proper extensions
  • one note per bow for next week

Lee Study 1

  • pay attention to string crossings and bow angle
  • barring: roll hand depending when string you’re playing on
  • don’t lift whole hand off the string to just play open A in mm. 9
  • make sure to aways connect third beat to downbeat
  • try not to be completely in the upper half
  • less bow on down bow, more bow on up bow


  • a tiny bit flat
  • nice connective sound!
  • practice extending without moving arm for 1st finger
  • still connect separate bows
  • increase tempo, add dynamics

C song

  • pluck then bow
  • pay attention to tempo (metronome marking)


  • open at elbow, especially upper half of bow on D and A strings. Don’t pull elbow accross
  • vibrato is looking nice!
  • when vibrating, make sure core note is intune. G and D have tendency to be flat
  • still practice without vibrato for intonation
  • memorize

Hunters’ Chorus

  • eighth note pick up: in between beats/off beat
  • Pluck in one tempo: check with metronome
  • check Ds and Gs with open strings
  • when adding the bow, start in the second half: pickup to 21 to the end and practice the different rhythms with open strings
  • making al dotts and acents sound even on up and down bow
  • watch your bow arm in front of a mirror