Overworld Theme: Practice the left hand for the B section, and the bit seen in class with both hands. The idea is that you manage to play the left hand without looking at it.

Piano Adventures, p. 44-45: “Ode to Joy”. Since you already know the melody, on page 44 focus on bars 9-12, and always try to read the notes in the staff, even if you know how to play it. For page 45, focus on reading and playing with the left hand. If you have any doubts regarding the lower notes, go see p. 43.

Maria Ines:

“City of Stars”: Practice the B section with both hands. Try to go slow. The idea is that you can hear the left hand going evenly in quarter notes through the section. After that, you can try to play the complete song.

“Another Love”: Practice the chords of the song, playing the root note in octaves in the left hand, and the chord in the right hand. Don’t jump between chords, try to search for the common notes to link them together.


“Bells of Great Britain”: practice with dynamics. For the first line, the first time is loud (f), and the second time is soft (p). For the second line, make sure she moves one octave higher each bar, and that she gradually plays the right hand softer.

Read p. 68, “Come on, Tigers!”.


Scales: practice the C major scale, with both hands (separately), in one octave, up and down.

“The Brady Bunch”: Play it slow, and pay attention to the rhythms. I marked every time you have to wait one beat to continue. Keep using the metronome to practice, it’s a really good habit to have!