I hope you’ve had a lovely few days and are ramping up for a great long weekend. I’ve had a rich and rewarding time; I played a solo show of my music and improvisations on alto sax and clarinet at the Burdock last night, opening for the EP release of my good friend and collaborator, vocalist Laura Swankey. You can check out her new recording here!

Here’s your homework for this week:


  1. Eb major scale and arpeggio, 2 octaves: 60 bpm in eighth notes
  2. Learn Bb blues arpeggios, one octave (handout). We’re going to start using these while we play the Blues in the coming week.
  3. Continue Lesson 26 in your book:
    • #3 at 80bpm, working towards 110bom
    • #4 slowly, focussing on phrasing.


  1. C major scale descending (middle C to low C) as longtone warmup
  2. C major arpeggio (low C to middle C) and scale ascending (middle C to high C) as technique practice – with a steady, slow tempo.
  3. Listen to Sonnymoon for Two and rock out! We’ll be learning this together in the coming weeks.
  4. Pick up Elementary Method for Saxophone on Amazon or at Long and McQuade.


So nice to meet you this week!

  1. Warm up using deep ‘oh-ah-eeh’ breaths on the barrel and mouthpiece.
  2. Descending longtones: mid G to low G. Hold each note until the very end of your breath, aiming for the most steady sound you can get.
  3. Learn Frère Jacques (handout).
  4. Pick up this book when you get the chance: The Galper Clarinet Technique by Avrahm Galper. It’s available on Amazon or at Long and McQuade.