“The Entertainer”: Practice the left hand seen in class (first alone). Then, play the last phrase with both hands as shown. If needed, see the supporting material. Be particularly careful with the fingering there.

Maria Ines:

F major scale, parallel and contrary motion, both hands.
D major chords and arpeggios, with both hands separately.

“In the Stars”: Put together the chords of the chorus. Remember that not all chords last 4 beats:

Bb/D (x1)  Eb (x4)  Bb (x4)  F (x4)  Gm (x3) Bb/F (x1)

Be careful with the bass, since it does not always fall in the root note of the chord.


Piano Adventures p. 39: “Best Friends”. Pay special attention to which hand has to play which note. Also pay attention to when they go together.



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