Keep working on Eye of the Tiger, it’s sounding great! Focus on that intro this week. Also practice the riff of Barracuda. I think that song will help with the intro of Eye of the Tiger, as they use a similar technique. Work on Dream On this week. Try to play along to the song, and figure out the structure. We will finish it next week. Great work!


Nice work on Viva la Vita! Practice it this week with bar chords. Try it in the original key too! (C# D# G# Fm). Keep working on Midnight Rider, and incorporate the part we learned today.  Work on South City Midnight Lady this week. Specifically focus on getting a smooth transition between the chords. Nice job!


Nice work today! Practice Iron Man this week. Focus on getting the power chords really clean by only strumming the notes your holding down, and muting the rest. Work on Back in Black this week also. Practice the riffs slowly for now as they are pretty tough. Focus on smooth transitions between the chords. Good work!


Keep working on Don’t Go Slow. It is sounding good! Try to play the song with the power chords we learned today. Listen to the song this week and try to play along to it (try YouTube’s playback speed feature and play at 75%). It will make much more sense if you play along to the song. Nice work!


Nice job on Perfect! Focus on the transitions between chords for this one. Try to play the whole song! Work on Photograph this week also. Remember to count the rhythm as we discussed, and listen to the song if you are confused. Try to play through the structure of the song slowly. Don’t stress about the intro for now as it is pretty tricky. We will go over it again next week. Good work!