“The Entertainer”: Reinforce the bit seen in class. Remember to use the 5th finger in G (left hand) when playing the sequence, so it is easier to play the chord.

My Piano Adventures pp. 28: Read for next class. If you have any doubt regarding the notes in the left hand, see the top of the page.

Maria Ines:

“Für Elise”: Practice with both hands and try to speed up the tempo a little bit. Pay special attention to mm. 20-21 (the repeated E’s passage) so that you are playing in the right octave. Read it until the end.

“Hark the Herald Angels Sing”: Figure out the melody. Use the version seen in class. If you can also take a look at the left hand, it would be great.


My Piano Adventures pp. 41. Be careful with the fingering (left hand starts with 3rd finger in F; right hand starts with 1st finger in C). Remember that the left hand is only playing Fs, while the right hand plays Cs and Gs.

“How you like that”: practice the chorus of the song learned in class. Remember to repeat it twice.