“Ice Skaters”: practice with both hands. Remember to count where the left hand doesn’t play, and where the right hand has the eight notes.
“Allegro in D Major”: Memorize for next week. Be particularly careful to memorize the last two bars of each page.


“Birthday train”: play with the position specified in p. 69, including the thumb in F (in the right hand). Your hand should look round, not with the fingers overly extended (see p. 68 for reference).


“Sailing in the Sun”: practice with both hands and pay special attention to bars 9 to 15. Remember that in bar 12  and 13 the right hand changes to d and f.
Start reading Ferris Wheel (pp. 12-13). Read as much as you can, but at least p. 12.


“Sonatina in C major”: Practice with metronome (around 90-100 bpm). Try not to stop.
Start reading the second movement.

“Snow on the beach”: Practice the pattern we saw in class for the verse’s chords (F#m-Dadd9-A/C#-E). To get a good staccato sound, imagine you are scratching the keys. For the chorus, you can arrange the chords as you deem appropriate.


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