“The Girl From Ipanema”: Put together the melody in the right hand with the chords in the left hand. If you want, you can use the recording you like to get the rhythms of the melody. Remember that both the Gm7 and the F#º chords last half the others.

“Ice Skaters”: Play with the repetitions in order (first page, second page twice, first page to “fine”). First think about the eight notes in the beginning of the second page to decide the tempo.


My Piano Adventures pp. 79, “Katie’s Dog Tucker”. Remember to keep both hands in the keyboard and one finger per key as indicated.


“The Haunted Mouse”: Play with a steady beat. Remember that the left hand only has an A when playing chords.

“Super Mario Theme”: Memorize up to the point where we are. Try not to stop in between parts.


Sonatina in C Major: Memorize the first movement. For the second movement, play at a slow tempo, so you are able to think and anticipate the next note. Start reading the second page as much as you can. At the same time, try to identify the chords you are playing in order to memorize faster.

“Snow on the Beach”: Practice by memory. Always try to sing louder than you would usually do.