Use both hands for the first phrase of “The Entertainer” as shown in class. Memorize the second part of the melody tat we reviewed there.

Piano Adventures: Practice the song seen in class “Roman Trumpets” and memorize it (p. 22).
The go to p. 25 and read “Chant of the Monks” with both hands. Pay attention to the position of the notes in the staff for the left hand.

Maria Ines:

“In the Stars”: Practice the verse of the song as seen in class. For the second part, practice first with the right hand, then right hand + singing the lyrics, and finally put the octaves for the left hand.


Writing book: pp. 42-43, invent a melody and write it with the rhythms used.

Lesson book: pp. 84-85 (the last song of the book). Be careful about which hand plays which part. Above the “lyrics (in blue) it is always the right hand playing, and below the lyrics it is the left hand playing.