My first piano adventures pp. 44-45. Use a metromome or tap slowly at an even tempo, so you can follow it. Play each note with the beat. Remember to keep both hands in the keyboard as shown in the diagram of page 44.


Get the book Faber Piano Adventures  LESSON BOOK-PRIMER LEVEL (it is NOT the level 1!).
P. 7 “finger flashcards”: She has to play starting from any key on the keyboard with the fingers indicated.
Fingers: 1-thumb; 2-index; 3-middle finger; 4-ring finger; 5-pinky (for both hands).

Also practice finding the notes in the keyboard, as well as recognizing hands and fingers.
The parent can tell her a hand, a note, and a finger, and she has to play it. I.e: Right hand, 2, C (that means that she must play a C with her right index).


Play “Bells of the Great Britain” (p. 67) with the damper pedal.
Read p. 68 “Come On, Tigers!”


“Willie and Tillie”: Practice from beginning to end and with the repetition. Pay special attention to the A in the left hand in bar 8, and to the C in the right hand in bar 14.

Start reading “A friend like you” in p. 19. Remember to start in G position.


Practice Sonatina in C major with metronome at 70 bpm. If you make a mistake, try as much as possible to keep going without stopping in between the piece.

Summertime Sadness: Start arranging the left hand. Use root notes for the bass, add different rhythms and arpeggios. Try to use different chord positions for the right hand as well.


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