Hello Rock Band parents and students,

This is a new email list that we have subscribed you to, so that we may increase the efficiency of our communications.  Up to now, we have had small bands, and limited performance opportunity, but this spring there have been a number of things that have changed, and will likely continue to change as we move forward that we want to do better, and to keep you informed of on an ongoing basis.  We’ll cover a few of them in this email, and keep in touch on others as they develop.

ABC Fair

As you know, we tested out a new format for our recital and the Rock Bands’ participation this year, incorporating a variety of different things into a single event.  The results were very informative, and we will be taking the lessons learned to make sure we provide our Rock Bands the best possible performance opportunities for future events.

This time, there were a number of things that contributed to a less than optimal experience for both performers and audience members.  As the director, I take full responsibility for these things, and apologize to any student or parent that felt any level of disappointment.  My goal, and the goal of the program is to provide positive experiences, and to simulate – as much as possible – a positive professional event when our groups perform.  While sometimes professional experiences can be disappointing, I would like to assure you all that my approach to this past performance will be to take stock of all the decisions made to make sure we hedge against similar problems/situations in the future.

Does this mean that we will stop experimenting with new formats for our Rock Bands?  No – and the reason is quite simple.  The Rock Bands are a beacon for music education, and for ABC.  Getting you to be our image when we present publicly is not only part of your training in a professional setting, but part of the mission of ABC to bring life-changing music to as many people as possible.

Other Performances this Spring

We have some other performances this spring.  Please click here to download the PDF schedule for your reference, and take note of the dates, times and locations of these events.  It is important that you call the office as soon as possible if there are any conflicts.

We have been invited to a couple more performances this year, which is really excellent.  It does, however, make for a busy schedule.  Careful planning and preparation on both sides is important.

Communication, Professionalism, and Preparedness

Part of good preparation is to be well prepared for weekly rehearsals.  Students have been coming with music missing, forgotten, and disorganized this year, which we would like to bring a halt to, now.  It is expected that students will arrive prepared; with music practiced and well organized in a binder or folder.  As a group activity with only one person per part, it significantly slows down the advancement of the group, and the number of songs that can be learned if these things are not prepared and organized.  If you are a parent, please take the time to review the importance of this with your student, and to provide them with a good binder or folder.

It is more than likely in the fall that we will be starting a process by which your coach will be updating you on the weekly progress and work that needs to be done.


Thank you,