-Warmups (30 sec each)
          -New Warm Up Song: Enemy
          -8 on a hand
          -Singles; doubles; paradiddles
          -Roll exercise (apple-apple-watermelon-watermelon)
-Basic Beat
          -Level 5 – woohoo! Well done
          *Ride Pattern Exercise
                  RH ride-> RH Crash -> RH Hihat -> RH Ride -> LH Crash -> LH hihat
-Fruit Salad game
          -lychee and blueberry this week
worksheet: Alfred Lesson 2 Combination Ex.
          -Great work!
          *This week, start with Lesson 3! (in the google drive)
          Musical Alphabet
          C Major Scale
          note reading: lines and spaces in treble clef
          *Piano Adventures p. 31


(start with xylophone next week)

Stick Control Ex. 33-42 (120bpm)
          Ex. 40 needs some work – pay extra attention the sticking
          No accents with these ones
-Paradiddles Exercise
Joel Rothman *Lesson 14*
          *First three lines on first page (2 repetitions of each rhythm)
          *Hand Exercises #1-2 (two repetitions of each exercise)
          *Rock Beats #1-2 (4 times each)
          -Ex. 1 and 2 from Lesson 1 in the GH Green book
          *G Major Scale
          *F Major Scale
          *New Scale next Week


          -8 on a hand exercise (three speeds, 30 sec each speed)
          -Single Stroke Roll (R-L-R-L….) playing smooth, even, controlled strokes (30 sec)
          -Double Stroke Roll (R-R-L-L…)
-Basic Beat
          -Level 4 – good work! Keep getting this more comfortable and a bit faster
                  -The same as 3.5, but now use your Left Foot to play a hihat “chick” on “2” and “4” – the same time as your snare drum
-Fruit Salad game (Pear, apple, strawberry, watermelon)
          -Come up with your own fruit salads by combining four fruits
-Alfred Lesson 2 worksheet
          *exercises 1-8 – good job playing the correct rhythmic values
          *If you feel like some extra work, go ahead to the Combination Study


*Syncopation Set 1 ex. 1-4 (handout)
*Review the Bossa Nova
          *We’ll learn my standard version next week
Pad Exercises:
          *PAS Rudiments chart (in google drive folder)
          *Measured rolls next week
          *Singles, Doubles, and Paradiddles
Autumn Leaves drumless track **new exercises:
          a) During the “head”, use the snare drum to play along with the guitar
          b) During the “head”, use the snare drum to play in the gaps left by the guitar