Canon in C – Chord progression is I-V-vi-iii-IV-I-IV-V. Amazing work on the transposition.

O Canada – keep plugging away. Ensure the melody is at the forefront of the sound, no matter which hand is playing it. Maybe I can hear it next week before summer!


Feel better this week!
Explore Moment Musicale this week and focus on the different textures in the hands.


Mist – awesome work!! You know all the notes both hands. This week when you work on combining the hands, do it one phrase (4 bars a time). This will get you fluent quicker, as well as
help to shape the rise and fall of each phrase.

Going Undercover – sounds so great! Nice and steady. Now work on combining the two halves into a cool arrangement of your choice… maybe the first half is slow and moody and then second half takes off faster! Up to you!

Indiana Jones – woohoo! Keep up the hard work. Remember the Db chord is Db F Ab (it is not a D minor chord).


Snake Charmer – This piece uses part of the “harmonic minor” scale where one note is raised and it creates this “Egyptian” sound. Here that raised note is C#. There will be no B or C naturals in this whole piece. Notice the light and detached LH pattern, keep it light and bouncy. The RH gets louder as it gets higher and the constant louder and softer swelling illustrates the snake moving around, unsure of its next move.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game – good! I know that the position this piece is in is unlike how your book typically positions songs, but it is a good piece to break habits and realize that any finger can play any note and we don’t need to be stick in position based playing. Focus on keeping your fingers on the same keys throughout the piece so your brain can make the connection and play the appropriate note. Trust your skills:)